Environmental policies and public opinion

My professor recently wrote on public opinion and support for environmental policies which can be found here.

He makes very valid points about how voter surveys showcasing that people are concerned about climate change, or willing to support environmental policies does not mean blanket support for all and every env policy. I have been wondering a lot about what kind of policies, and their messaging would be optimal in terms of getting car owners to shift to public transportation. Especially thinking from a political-social viewpoint, because car owners do make up vote banks in urban areas.

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Great point! In India, it’s been quite an uphill to get car owners to shift to public transport.

I do feel that good connectivity (broad network) and convenience are needed. Personally, we have a family car, but I end up taking autos more than the metro/bus in Bangalore compared to when am in Bombay, where the train, metro and bus services are conveniently organised. In Delhi, the metro wins over cabs/cars within the city centre and to periphery/NCR!