EarthDay2022: A guide to investing in our planet

The one thing we can all do this #EarthDay (April 22) is to Invest in our Planet! We’ve got you covered with this easy-peasy guide to some notable on-ground efforts that will attract rich returns:

CWS (@cwsindia) works to save India’s wildlife and wildlands through scientific research, conservation, policy and education. Their nature-based ‘Transition from Agriculture to Agroforestry’ recently won the World Economic Forum’s 1 Trillion Trees Challenge. Do park some of your money in their account:

Dakshin (@dakshin_seas) is a frontrunner in engaging with coastal communities to protect coastal and marine ecosystems. They are one of the sustainable leadership (conservation) winners at this year’s Outlook India Responsible Tourism Awards. Write to them at [email protected] to find out how you can support their ongoing initiatives.

FarmersForForests works with rural communities to protect and increase India’s forest cover. They have been collecting seeds from the forests and are establishing three large sapling nurseries in Gadchiroli and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. F4F is also one of the 13 organisations among World Economic Forum’s Trillion Trees Initiative in India. Open your purse strings now to enable this amazing team to Grow Forests and Protect Forests.

SayTrees (@saytrees_ind) is an organisation of ordinary people who are extraordinarily determined to protect the environment! This gritty group of weekend volunteers are pioneering plantation and agroforestry work in some of the toughest terrain in the country. They too emerged winners in the World Economic Forum’s 1 Trillion Trees Challenge. This is an investment guaranteed to bear fruit:

NCF (@ncfindia) is a gem of an organisation whose conservation efforts span a range of habitats including tropical forests, high mountains and the deep seas. Be it research, community-centric conservation or citizen-science initiatives, NCF does it all. The team recently partnered with Google Arts and Culture to bring interactive stories about the natural world to the digital platform. There are rich dividends waiting in store here: Nature Conservation Foundation

Uttarayan Wildlife is another wonderful organisation that is committed to restoring degraded landscapes. Their efforts are focussed on ecological restoration of the fragmented wildlife corridors in south Bengal. Be sure to put some money in their pockets:

Waste Warriors (@WasteWarriorsIN) has been cleaning up the trash we leave behind on Himalayan treks and temple yatras. In recent months, they’ve managed to clear out 1800kgs of plastic waste from the remote Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, in Uttarakhand. Do put some money in their pockets: Waste Warriors » Donate To Support Our Efforts