Drones to identify sources of pollution in 100 hotspots in Bengaluru

New entrants - NIAS and EMPRI!

But every square km grid has been studied from an emissions inventory and source apportionment lens already!!! We need more follow up action, not more research on the same things now…

There is an emphasis on source chemistry and clearly DR.Beig (was with IITM) seems to be making a case for location-specific data, I’d be interested in seeing their results for dumpsites as stated here. This will mean there will be an attempt to map emissions from waste dumps, which is different from burning.

I think the RWA folks , like the HSR folks struggling with the KCDC plant may find it useful. It’s worth getting in touch with NIAS and EMPRI, I will follow up and update on more.

@CSTEP @cstep2005 your thoughts please?