Drone as a Service (DAAS Model) - My experience from the Ground

Knowledge + Technology + Entrepreneurship + Partnership/Collaborations = Social Impact

My Agriculture Diaries :
Agriculture Drones reaching small and marginal farmers is long way in India ,but its possible with right support to create social Impact

I myself (in my own farm ) tried spraying Neem Oil for Black-gram crop that we have harvested this season by carrying 20litres tank + 5 kgs of Petrol Motor and during last season for Paddy Crop . Trust me it is very difficult to perform this task ( I personally felt this is Inhuman if I ask someone (Agri-Labour) to spray with this tank )
1 acre require 10 tanks (20 liters of spray ) in Paddy field (Hope you understand the pain and difficulty )

I felt Drones are the only great option for now to replace this painful /difficult Activity in agriculture fields Agriculture and Farming
But I tried approaching few known Drone companies ,but due to logistics support it was not possible for them to attend this service ( They need minimum 20 acres to complete a service ) but small scale farmers will have just 3 to 4 acres who can’t afford the drone purchase and its maintenance

Solutions and possibilities I thought :

1FPO or Group of Farmers can purchase a Drone that will be sufficient for their activities
2.Encouraging Village Entrepreneurs to part of this mission ( Training and Purchase of Drone can be done through them ) - This needs support from Banks
3. Supporting NGOs to take Drone as a Service Model

We at Glovill Foundation would like to discuss with interested people /organizations who can support (CSR ,Grants) us to take forward this Drone as a Service Model through our Glovill Foundation .We have cultivated land of more than 1500 acres Paddy Fields in my Mandal who require this Drone Service

We at Glovill Foundation will be happy to collaborate to take the drone services to small and marginal farmers

Noothan Venkatesh Varma
Founder - Glovill Foundation (Sec 8 Company)

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