Do Nothing Farming

We should all buy/steward an acre and set up DO NOTHING FARMs . Like this one bang in the middle of Bangalore. A bit long video - but I loved shooting it ! Have a dekko - Do Nothing Farming - how to grow food without using any external inputs or additional labour. - YouTube - how to grow food without using jeevamrutha, manure, neem oil, panchagavya, cow urine etc etc. You can find Avocados from this farm on Farmizen - some of the best avocados you will taste.

Let me know if anyone wants to visit the farm - its just opposite Sobha Dream Acres in Varthur and Mr Vishwanath Reddy is an amazing friendly man.


@shameek_c thanks for sharing.

@knadh, maybe this is how we can slow our lives. :slight_smile:

The context here is that K and I were talking today morning about how quickly days, weeks, and months are passing by. We are doing too many things; maybe we need to do nothing & just farming for a while.


And somewhere it also aligns with being in close contact with the panch tattva on a regular basis and brings harmony.

Please start a commune and we can all do nothing together or only some interesting things. :smile: :smile: