Digitizing & Connecting Indian Universities & Colleges for FREE

So at iWeb, we are on a mission to digitize all Indian Universities end to end on a unique FREEMIUM Model. India has 900 universities and more than 40k colleges which do not talk to each other leading to so much duplication, wastage of resources and eventually impacting the climate too. If we work on a common platform to make these universities colleges & talk to each other will result in sharing & saving of resources and save the climate too.

We already have made a digital platform to digitize institutes and have more than 700k students and 10+ Universities and more than 650 colleges live with us, we are working with channels to get more and more institutes digitized and our model is FREEMIUM as we monetize via a marketplace. Have applied to Zerodha Rainmatter fund too. If you would like to know more on what we do have a look at www.iweb.ltd - Thanks.