Creating a database for germination techniques

We are launching our first major collective project at ERA-India – which will be to collate tried and tested germination techniques for as many of our native species as possible.

We are asking everyone who has a nursery or who has had one in the past, and who has kept any kind of records of the germination techniques used to send them in so that we can collect them all together and post them as an open-source resource for anyone to make use of.

There are 3 steps required from your side.

The first one is super easy and requires minimum effort and time – simply let us know you are interested to participate in this project.

Then once we have a good collection of people signed up we will hold a short 30 min meeting to explain in more detail how we are planning to go about this, and what data we are hoping to collect. And more importantly how you can contribute your data.

If you feel like joining this meeting – fantastic – we will see you there.

If, however, you are not in the mood for one more online meeting, then no problem, we would still be very happy to receive your data. You can simply send it across to us, preferably in excel format, but any other format is ok – we will extract the data and reformat it.

If you do not have the data as a soft copy, then again there are a number of options you can follow:

  1. Go online and enter it into the google sheet we have created – if you plan to use this option then it would be good to either attend our set up meeting, watch the recorded version of it or get in contact with us before you start, so that we can just run you through the basics of how to enter the data efficiently.

  2. Or you can enter the data into an excel sheet and send it to us.

  3. If you are not able to enter the data into a computer yourself, but you have handwritten notes, then we will work out a way to get the data entered – this will depend upon how legible your handwriting is…

If you have any questions regarding any of this, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we can clarify it and get going on this very important and exciting project.