Create your own little forest

Given whatever is happening with our planet, one small way you can help make the world a better place is to plant a tree if you have some space. To encourage more people to plant trees, we are giving away a mix of Mango, Guava, Jack fruit, Jamoon, Badam, Tamarind and other saplings.

If you have small pieces of unused land like Karthik, this is one way to transform it. You can take as many saplings as you’d need. If you know a friend who’d be interested, please do spread the word. To get the saplings, you can visit our nursery near Harohalli, Kanakpura Road. Arranging delivery of these saplings is too messy, so you’ll have to visit the nursery or make your travel arrangements.

Please email [email protected] for details.

A little more forest everywhere.


Hi Pai, Greetings,
I am Veerabasappa working as IT consultant in Blore. I read the LinkedIn post by both Nithin K and Karthik R(on Devarakadu). Interesting!!!

I too have unused land in my native place- Bandalli ( Hanur tq). I am working in converting this land.

I am very much interested in visiting your nursery near harohalli.

Kindly share the exact address of nursery located near harohalli. Also is it good time to visit on tis Saturday or Sunday.

Hey Veerabasappa.

Thanks for the note. Looping in @divya_s to help coordinate this.

Could you please drop an email to [email protected] as well? Divya will get in touch and help you with this.

Dear folks. Lovely initiative. If you are wishing to plant a forest, could you also give a native wild tree along with these fruit trees. One for us, and for the birds and bees out there. A touch of diversity, a splash of wilderness. Many native species of bengaluru also give fruits like ankola mara, bilvapatre(bel), konda-mavu(hill mango). Some are beautiful to look at like Amaltas(Golden Shower Tree) and Palash(flame of the forest). Many are extremely fragrant and add night time romance to your garden like Parijat.

A little more forest-like forest everywhere. :slight_smile:

Hey Manvendra,

Thanks for the suggestion. We have been discussing this internally too.

@Divya Could you share once we have updates around this, please.

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Thank you for the suggestions, Manvendra :slight_smile:
We will keep this in mind for the next round of give-away.

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