COVID Relief Measures - 2021

1. ACT

ACT Grants is a community of Indian start-up founders, teaming to combat Covid-19 using existing start-up assets. They are backing ideas that are capital efficient, scale ready and can create immediate impact.


  • Digital tools for contract tracing, telemedicine, education.
  • New testing protocols, multi-stage testing frameworks, scaling current PCR testing capacity.
  • Enhancing the availability of protective gear for healthcare workers, augmenting hospital capacity.
  • To help expand ICU capacity, including trained staff, ventilators, oxygen supply, beds, tools for tracking capacity.


  • Zerodha has partnered with ACT Grants, a non-profit organisation that is attempting to supply 50,000+ oxygen concentrators across India.

2. Vaccination Drive - Bangalore South

Two social organisations Mantra4Change and Suriya Foundation joined hands to combat the crisis. The teams from these organisations have been on the ground from the very start of the lock-down and have been helping front-line personnel, governments and patients ever since.


  • Creating Awareness by campaigns in slums and underprivileged areas across Bangalore about the benefits of vaccines and the benefits of inoculation.
  • Tying up with the Health Department and other Government authorities by initiating the Mobile vaccine centers to inoculate elders who are above the age group of 45+ years.

3. Distribution of Essential and Hygiene Kits

Habitat for Humanity began in 1976 as a grassroots effort, growing to become a leading global nonprofit working in more than 70 countries. In the Asia-Pacific region since 1983, Habitat has supported millions of people to build or improve a place they can call home.


  • To reduce insecurity of the vulnerable families caused due to family essentials shortage by Covid-19 outbreak and to support the Front Line Health workers with the distribution of Hygiene Kits to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to be distributed in Bangalore, Telangana and Karjat, Bhayander & Uttan in Maharashtra.

4. Community Healthcare Intervention - Gujarat

Janvikas is a Public Charitable Trust. It became operational in 1987 and works towards​​ human dignity, equality and non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion and participation and democracy.


  • Training community leaders from 1000 villages in Gujarat.

  • Providing early detection and prevention kit along with a healthcare Guide for timely screening.

  • A simple to understand Gujarati manual for the volunteer is also prepared to outline what to do as preventive exercises and who to go for a referral.

5. Marginalized Communities in Kerala

RIGHTS, formed in 2008 has conducted research and interventions in the field of education, rights of children belonging to disadvantaged communities. RIGHTS have been actively involved in Disaster Risk Reduction - Kerala floods and COVID 19.


  • Vaccination booths, dry ration kits, cash transfer, sanitation kits and masks.

6. Home Care Project - Bangalore

Project Smile is working for the Holistic development of communities stricken with poverty, a pioneer in poverty upliftment and empowerment programs in over 15 urban slums in Bengaluru and neighboring districts. Project smile focuses on lasting routes out of poverty by focusing on children, youth, and women’s development.

At the onset of COVID19 first wave in Bangalore in March 2020, Project Smile and a few like-minded NGOs in Bangalore formed an informal coalition called Mercy Mission, a Disaster Management Task Force set up to combat the COVID19 Outbreak and its impacts on the vulnerable citizens of the city.


  • Salary for Home-care personnel - Doctor, nurse, ambulance drivers, coordination staff and ambulance expenses.

7. Food Distribution

Zomato Feeding India is working towards solving hunger and food wastage in the country. They distribute food via NGOs through an extensive network of hotels, restaurants, caterers, corporates and volunteers known as Hunger Heroes.


  • Distribution of cooked meals to disadvantaged children, daily wage earners, healthcare workers and families of struggling covid patients in Delhi - NCR and Mumbai.

8. Ambulance Initiative

Donation of 1 ambulance to Jain Mission Trust - Hospital


9. Isolation beds at Tonus Valley, Uttarakhand.

Kalap Trust is a non-profit organization working with disadvantaged communities in the remote region of the upper Tons Valley in Mori Tehsil, Uttarakhand, India. They provide high-quality direct services in education and healthcare and work with the community to develop new sustainable livelihood opportunities.


  • Installation of COVID care unit in Tonus Valley. 30 isolation beds were provided for the same.

10. Kits Distribution - Mangalore

Sevanjali Charitable Trust is a voluntary youth group based in the coastal city of Mangalore. The trust is engaged in several service activities in the field of education, healthcare and providing relief to the needy.


  • Food and medicine kits distribution

11. COVID Care and Treatment

Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement is a development organization engaged in building a new civil society in India through its grassroots to policy level action in Health, Education, Community Development & Training sectors.


  • Providing COVID care & treatment including community level healthcare interventions to help the rural & tribal communities to combat the pandemic.

12. Multi-pronged response to COVID

Rapid Rural Community Response COVID-19 is a coalition of more than 60 organisations. RCRC member organisations serve over 1.6 crore people in over 110 districts of 15 states. The Working Committee (WC) is the leadership team of 10 senior CSO leaders


  • Their response is structured towards enabling frontline workers at the village level, supporting CHCs and isolation centres at the block level and training and capacity building at the district level. This multi-pronged response requires both human resources and equipment.

13. Sevak Samaj Apath Nidhi 2.0

G.S.S.S Charitable Foundation (Regd) was formed by the Gowda Saraswath Sevak Samaj and is dedicated to the service of the economically backward families in the society. Over the period, it has laid a firm foundation in the society in the areas of education, Job Oriented training, Social Services and premier Medical care at affordable rates and also established credibility amongst the esteemed Doctors and the general public.


  • One time financial assistance of Rs.3,000/- per family who are in distress.

14. Oxygen Plant


  • Installation of an oxygen plant at Tiptur by Dr. Sridhar