Confluence 2023

A. Evolving Collaborative Spaces: Corporates x Social Purpose Organisations

04 May 2023 | 16:00 - 17:30

About Catalysing Change Week

Catalyst 2030 Catalysing Change Week (CCW) is a global event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to facilitate knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and collaborative systems change. It brings together diverse stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, private sector representatives, governments, and funders, to address pressing global challenges. With over 200 interactive sessions and activities, CCW fosters learning, engagement, and collaboration. Coordinated by Catalyst 2030, CCW aims to accelerate transformative change and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building upon the success of CCW2022, Catalysing Change Week 2023 continued to inspire change and promote collaboration among various actors committed to systems change and SDG achievement.

The models of best practice shared during the week exemplified the ethos of community-led systems change, underpinning the proposal to Promote a Social and Solidarity Economy for Sustainable Development recently adopted by the UN General Assembly. The week served as an opportunity to engage, advocate and activate collaborations across the entire social innovation ecosystem.

Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG 17) - Partnerships to achieve the Goal were an integral part of the Catalysing Change Week (CCW) event. CCW brought together social innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers from around the world to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and accelerate collaborative systems change. SDG 17 served as a guiding principle during the event, emphasizing the need for strong partnerships among diverse stakeholders. The discussions, workshops, and sessions during CCW aimed to explore innovative models of engagement, foster partnerships built on empathy and mutual respect, and recognize social entrepreneurs as strategic thought leaders who go beyond the traditional donor-donee relationship. Through these efforts, CCW aimed to harness the power of partnerships and collaborative action to drive positive change and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 17.

We fields of View and ISDM, in partnership with Catalyst 2030 and Fields of View, hosted an exciting panel discussion titled “evolving collaborative spaces: corporates x social purpose organisations (spos)” on Thursday, 4th May 2023, from 4. 00 pm to 5. 30 pm IST. This engaging session featured innovative and inspiring panellists from both the corporate and SPO sectors, who shared their ideas on new ways of collaborating in a changing paradigm. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the unique partnership approaches, critical shifts in thinking, challenges overcome for successful collaboration, and the rewarding aspects of this complex relationship. This panel discussion was part of the Catalysing Change Week, the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs, dedicated to knowledge sharing and accelerating collaborative systems changed

Session Description: The panel discussion brought together leaders from corporate and social purpose organizations to explore new ways of collaboration in a changing paradigm. Participants had the opportunity to engage in an interactive moderated session, discovering how the collaborative space is evolving and how businesses and SPOs are adapting to these changes.

The esteemed panellists who graced the session were:

  • TS Unnikrishnan - Project Head, The Great Eastern CSR Foundation
  • Paresh Kumar Vaish - Country Head-Performance Improvement Markets, India, Ernst & Young
  • Dr. Shelly Batra - CEO, Every Infant Matters
  • Karon Shaiva - Chief Impact Officer, Idobro Impact Solutions & Managing Trustee, Rise Infinity FDN
  • Meera Goradia - Co-founder and Network Anchor, Creative Dignity

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B. Confluence 2023

16,17 June 2023

CCW2023, held on 4th May 2023, was a highly successful event that brought together a diverse group of participants, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and other key stakeholders. The online workshop focused on fostering collaboration, ideation, and problem-solving to address critical social challenges. Building on the momentum generated by CCW2023, we are pleased to announce the Confluence Program, which took place on 16th and 17th June 2023 at the ISDM University campus in Delhi. This program aimed to further facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among corporates and social entrepreneurs.

The Confluence Program spanned over two days, providing participants with a platform to connect, exchange ideas, and collectively develop solutions. The agenda for the program included sessions on problem identification, ecosystem mapping, actor mapping, reframing the problem, envisioning the future, and exploring available resources and constraints. The program was facilitated by experienced professionals from Fields of View (FoV) and ISDM.

Day 1: On 16th June, participants were introduced to the Confluence Program by Catalyst2030, providing them with an understanding of the larger context of Catalyst 2030 as a global movement. This was followed by participant introductions and a program description session to familiarize participants with the structure and details of the entire 6-week Confluence program. The day also included sessions on the importance of collaboration, building empathy between partners, and an engaging city game to explore sustainable city building. Additionally, problem identification and clustering activities were conducted to identify common challenges across groups.

Day 2: On 17th June, participants engaged in activities such as actor mapping, reframing the problem from different perspectives, envisioning the future through a creative newspaper front page exercise, and exploring available resources and constraints. The day also included sessions on planning next steps for addressing the identified problems and a talk on Development Management by Gaurav Shah, Founder and Director of ISDM.
This Confluence Program served as a valuable platform for participants to collaborate, share ideas, and work towards innovative solutions. The program provided participants with a deeper understanding of the challenges they were addressing and equipped them with the necessary tools and resources to drive positive change.

The remaining weeks of the program were conducted online, where participants actively worked towards finding solutions to the problems they had chosen. They collaborated and engaged in discussions to develop their solutions. At the end of the program, they presented their proposed solutions based on their collective efforts and insights gained throughout the process.