Confession Time from The Foundation

Honest Admission : Yes, we do slip on comms. We do forget to get back sometimes. Mails sink in the mailbox when folks are travelling, or other priorities or crises bubble up. Sometimes the context becomes fuzzy, or trail goes cold at either end as people are unsure about this or that. And we’re young and fledgling, and getting better organized each time we take stock of it. While it won’t become perfect right away, we promise to try harder.

Earnest Request : Remind us, reach out, assume we’re terribly organized but don’t assume the worst, please :slight_smile: Even make a joke about it - it’s ok. Explain things we didn’t understand (and there’s a lot we don’t) to us again - we’re continuously learning, probing and questioning - and really, really far from being know-it-alls. We’re eager to go deeper into the thesis and wider on impact. We’re audacious, naive about much and a small team. Argue freely with us (we like that) but do keep in mind - we’re on the same side in this battle to regain whatever is life sustaining on our shared home.