ClimateRISE Alliance- Human-wildlife conflict in the time of climate change

The Elephant Whisperer’s win in The Oscars, exemplifies the potential for coexistence and mutual respect between humans and wildlife in India. In continuation of this, we collaborated with the India Development Review (IDR) towards the article, “Human-wildlife conflict in the time of climate change,” emphasizes the need to rethink conservation efforts due to increasing conflicts resulting from climate change.

The article discusses the five types of conflicts, factors leading to extreme situations, and the role of cultural tolerance in India’s wildlife conservation while also spotlighting alliance partners like Centre for Wildlife Study (CWS) and A Rocha India that play a critical role in mitigating conflicts and improving conservation. Strategies include building trust with vulnerable communities, filling knowledge gaps, developing localized solutions, facilitating access to wildlife compensation funds, and promoting dialogue between stakeholders. In India, where protected areas for wildlife are scarce, there are multiple opportunities for such conflicts.

This is the first article in a 5-part series supported by Dasra. Anchored by the ClimateRISE Alliance, a collaborative platform initiated by Dasra and supported by the Rainmatter Foundation, this series focuses on mainstreaming narratives of climate action through an intersectional lens rooted in community resilience.

You can view the first article here

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