ClimateRISE Alliance - Building a Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable, and Equitable India

Hello to the readers and members of the Grove Forum!

As most of you are aware, Dasra, in partnership with the Rainmatter Foundation, has incepted ClimateRISE Alliance to accelerate India’s journey towards climate resilience for the most vulnerable communities. The objective of the platform is to shape an India view and a common vocabulary by enabling a multi-stakeholder engagement approach to intersectional climate action in India. Over the past few month, we have been engaging with some of you to understand your work, priorities in climate, and areas where you see consensus and collaboration can help; and we have leveraged these conversations to articulate the thematic priorities and strategic goals of the ClimateRISE Alliance.

We recently convened a series of roundtables with various stakeholders such as CSOs, philanthropists, and intermediary organizations in the sector to introduce the ClimateRISE Alliance – its priorities, goals, and common agenda, and get inputs and guidance from the organizations while also facilitating a discussion on their engagement with the Alliance and the way forward.

These convenings were attended by 45+ organizations. (You can see some familiar smiling faces in the pictures below). :slightly_smiling_face:

Key takeaways on ecosystem priorities were:

  • Change the narrative on climate action and root it in a narrative of building community resilience from an intersectional lens

  • Acknowledge the existing complexities associated with current ecosystem while addressing climate crisis and inform decision-making through a bottom-up approach.

  • Support ecosystems which collectivizes organizations, communities, and individuals and also enables localization; this will help reduce silo, duplication of efforts and foster place-based responses to the crisis

As next steps for the ClimateRISE Alliance, we are initiating the formation of thematic taskforces for the identified priority areas (Sustainable Cities & Service Delivery, Livelihoods & Resilient Agriculture, Conservation & Restoration, Health Systems & Services). We would like to invite all of you to join a thematic taskforce that aligns with your organization’s engagement and expertise. Please fill out the Google form here so that we can reach out to you to take it forward accordingly. Many of you have already signed up, thank you! Request others to do the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

As we continue working on building and operationalizing the Alliance, we will keep you all updated and will reach out again for guidance.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Thanks for sharing! Here is an unpopular opinion. I read it two times to understand the whole context. And I think I have a decent cognitive function. If we truly want to make it a button-up approach, we must write and share all these in a language that could be understood with minimum cognitive load - I may be wrong.

Can we list three potential impacts of ClimateRISE Alliance in a language that can be easy to understand and demand almost zero cognitive loads?