Climate Change Out-reach programs

  1. Overall updates (since the last update): For the period October 2023 to March 2024

  2. Progress on the goals listed while on-boarding:
    Several important milestones have been met:

  1. Over the months we have reached out to several high schools (3) and colleges (4) in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka, with the objectives of enhancing information about climate change and facilitating action at the ground level. About 2000 students and about 30 faculty have attended these sessions.

  2. A booklet in Kannada on Climate Change has been made and will be shared widely across the state.

  3. In Tumkur district, our youth have developed modules for taking key topics on climate change to the local schools and communities. A total of six videos have been made by the children and have been uploaded to a Youtube channel.

  4. Work on restoring a large lake in Nagavalli village, Chamarajanagar continues. The district administration has endorsed this work but the panchayat is yet to take it up. However, caste leaders have come forward and we hope the work will be initiated this summer.

  1. Any challenges

We face several challenges. In a semi-arid district, where commercial and chemical agriculture has taken root, it is difficult to get people, including farmers to consider non-chemical ways of cultivating. In addition, as a high out-migration belt, it is difficult to get youth to engage in substantial work. Bureaucratic disengagement and lack of focus is also an issue.

  1. Any new avenues of collaboration (with other Grantees of RCF or other NPO/NGO)

Yes, we collaborate with several people across Karnataka. In Tumkur, with a couple who work on alternative farming and have helped developed learning modules for high schools; with Srinivas alias Vasu to develop modules to restore soil health; with Dr. Kulkarni of Dharwad where a climate change module was hosted in December 2023.

  1. Highlights from the initiatives being undertaken as part of your organization

Publication of the booklet on climate change.
The DC of the district visiting us at our resource centre to discuss details of climate change action.
Formation of a group of caste leaders in Nagavalli village to act as a pressure group to get the village panchayat to restore the local lake.

  1. Outcomes you are chasing for the next 6 months (these can remain the same if unchanged since the last update)

Same as proposed earlier. Focus on getting state level interest in the Government of Karnataka formulating a decentralised action plan for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  1. KPIs (please use this section to let us know of the impact and reach of your work since the last update)

  2. Can Rainmatter be of help with anything at all

Facilitate any engagement with the state.
9) Any additional details you would like to provide

An annual convention of groups working on C C issues needs to be facilitated.

  1. Please also share any images or videos that you have documented as part of your work