Climate change and Anti Microbial Resistance

This UN report talks about relationship between climate change and Anti-Microbial Resistance

How is it affecting us?
It makes our bodies drug resistant and the medications ineffective. AMR accounts for five million deats globally.

How is climate change related to AMR?
Increasing global temperatures are increasing the probability of evolution of new drug resistant microbes. Experts have suggested that severe flodding as a result of urbanization have caused sanitation problems and water source pollution create favourable conditions for bug to develop.
Basically all the drivers that cause environmental degradation are worsening AMR at accelerated pace.

What can we do?

  1. All the steps to slow down climate change will slow down AMR
  2. Limit antibiotic overuse and misuse
  3. Ask for government policy to limit antibiotic usage in agriculture and livestock farming

Source CNN report