Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Program - Please help us spread the word!

We are delighted to share that Surge Impact Foundation is launching a Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Program to support NGOs, for-profit social enterprises, & individuals working in the environment &/or climate change space. The program aims to empower climate & environmental entrepreneurs to build a strong foundation for their growth, and to scale up their impact.

Climate entrepreneurs with ventures in the proof of concept, pre-sales, or pre-profit stages of operations will be supported with financial & operational modelling, solution/program design, marketing, sales, team & enterprise building, and impact measurement, among others.

Interested candidates are welcome to fill in this interest form at: Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Program – SURGE IMPACT FOUNDATION

We’re accepting applications from all over India for the program. Please spread the word by sharing this message ahead to encourage all high-potential climate action & environmental changemakers to apply!

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