Clenv Private Limited

Problem Statement - Increased Particulate Matter (also called as PM Particles) and CO2 in the air around us

Solution - Clenv has developed an air purifying system called Clean Air Technology (CAT). The system has an inlet for air and does the following -

  • Captures PM Particles of 2.5 microns or more in diameter
  • Captures CO2

How - Two distinct modules to cleanse air and send purified air back,

  • Filtration Module - assembled to enhance capturing of PM particles
  • Artificial Rain Module - capture pollutants and CO2 by using reusable chemicals

Monetization -

  • The CO2 captured is redirected to the Food/Beverage and dry ice industry - cost to produce CO2 through CAT is 1x lesser
  • Air purification system

Value Proposition -

  • Innovative CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) capture - liquid based CO2 capture technology (applied for patent)
  • Multi-Stage PM capture - improves PM capture ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Customizable for spacing constraints
  • IoT based monitoring system

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