Chasing a Climate-Resilient Future- A Journey Through Sustainable Architecture and Public Policy

Greetings! I am Kishor, an architect deeply committed to sustainability. With a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years, I have been at the forefront of sustainable design and architecture. As a passionate admirer of Rainmatter’s impactful work, I am inspired to share my own journey in the realm of sustainability, hoping to spark a conversation and drive action towards a climate-resilient future.

In the pursuit of a climate-resilient future, I have always been driven by one guiding principle - a world where waste does not exist. This vision, inspired by nature’s perfect cycle of creation and decomposition, has shaped my journey and fueled my passion for sustainability.

My journey with sustainability began during my undergraduate studies, where I worked on a waste-to-energy plant project. Currently, as a student at the public policy school. Recently, we participated in Tata Steel’s Sustainability Competition. Our sustainable and scalable business idea was recognized among the top 20 out of 24,650 entries and now we are getting mentorship from them to present in upcoming rounds.

At Carbon Craft Design, we started with an aim to reduce carbon emissions at scale by developing sustainable building materials. This experience taught me the importance of resource conservation and the potential of sustainable practices to transform our world.

The next phase of my chase led me to Hubli-Dharwad Smart City Limited. Here, I contributed to sustainable projects and witnessed the profound impact of sustainable design on communities at a larger scale. It was a powerful reminder of how sustainability can improve everyday life and the environment.

Currently, I am studying public policy at the Indian School of Public Policy. This has given me a unique perspective on the intersection of environmental sustainability and public administration. I am learning how effective policies can create a ripple effect, impacting millions and fostering a healthier environment. I feel with this skillset, I am now capable of conducting thorough analysis on policy frameworks and their implementation within both government and private sectors.

So, what is my chase? It is to leverage the knowledge and experience I have gathered to drive climate action and promote sustainable living. I envision a future where resilient architecture, sustainability, and effective public policy converge.

In conclusion, impactful policies from the government can fast-track climate action in India. Initiatives like Rainmatter can also play a significant role in this endeavor.

But the question remains- How can we, as individuals and communities, contribute more effectively to this chase of climate-resilient future ? And how can Rainmatter help us in this endeavor?