Can we decolonise the way we eat?

Spudnik Farms believes that food brings people together and keeping this in mind, we have started Cooking with Friends – a series of cooking/culinary workshops with different chefs highlighting Spudnik Farms produce. We want to make cooking enjoyable, foster a sense of community, encourage meaningful conversations around concepts such as nutrition, sustainability, and eating native/ indigenous food. We also hope to create a space where we can reflect on our relationship with food and the role each of us play in embracing and preserving our culinary heritage.

The first season of Cooking with Friends was led by the talented Chef Nayantara Menon Bagla, where she masterfully crafted a delightful Buddha bowl featuring an assortment of locally grown greens, fruits, and vegetables. She also left us with this point to ponder – Can we decolonise the way we eat?

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