Call for Collaborative Climate Action

Hi everyone. I am one of the Co-Founders of ShareData where we are trying to build solutions for better data collaboration across multiple organizations. We set out on a journey to build a data sharing infrastructure based on federated data querying without creating data copies. Data sharing between businesses is still in its infancy, although there are some successful implementations in Europe which resulted from their national strategy for data collaboration. For instance, the Catena-X initiative, an automotive data sharing alliance with over 150 companies was set up in Europe with the aim of recovering ground lost to U.S. and Chinese competition.

However, in the absence of a national initiative, we have come to realize that data sharing as a concept is more likely to work with urgent humanitarian use cases than business centric use cases. We believe that Climate Tech being a space that calls for collective results to mitigate a possible global catastrophe impacting humanity, can really benefit from such a network to create more impactful results through the formation a data sharing coalition.

Our vision is to Open Source the base data sharing infrastructure and help companies implement the data sharing network along with any services required to generate practical results from data sharing. With data sharing across organizations, comes other challenges like governance and data alignment, which we aim to solve in collaboration with the participating companies in the network. We strongly believe the combination of an open source data sharing infra structure and the latest AI/ML tech solutions for data alignment, governance and value generation will play a pivotal role in the success of such data networks.

I invite all climate tech start ups interested in this concept for a quick conversation to exchange ideas for co-building such a network and create more impactful collective results to save our planet. We can help you create more impactful results with external data and also streamline your analytics with easier data alignment.

You can reach out to me at