Building Platforms for Collaboration

Dear All,
Over the past many months, We have been working on building Active Collaboration in the sector. The plan essentially is to build collaborative platformised models where a CSO focuses only on what their key strength is and involves other CSOs at a grassroots level to help with other developmental activity for that place.
This effort got it’s first leg up last month in Odisha, where CSOs like Gram Vikas, Waste Warriors, Goonj and a couple of others came together to collaborate in a 2 day workshop in Mohuda.

This has resulted in a partnership that Gram Vikas - the primary operator in Odisha, has built with both Goonj and Waste Warriors separately on different aspects of clothing reuse and waste management, while Gram Vikas’s primary specialisation is Water. This includes on-ground training that folks from specific Gram Panchayats will get at Waste Warriors and Goonj’s primary geographies apart from the 2 organisations also coming to Odisha to train people.

We hope to replicate similar activity in the ClimateRISE Alliance over a period of time using the learnings from Odisha.
Any organisation desirous of collaborating with others to either seek or offer support, can feel free to reach out to either Sameer or myself and we will help out.
Have a great weekend…
Team Rainmatter