BIT Green Success Stories - 20221

Vimalamma is a 45-year-old housewife with two children, and she studied 7th standard and at present is working as the president of her village’s Sri Shakti Sangha (SHG). Vimalamma was an environmentalist for her community a per the local opinion. Vimalamma worships God at home daily and for this, she used to buy flowers. She was very much interested in growing plants but had no place to plant near home. Since she was very interested in any program or meeting, she was selected as a Buzz
Gelathi by her community. Being a Gelati she learned self-awareness, communication, model village, and leadership qualities from the 4 modules of training offered in the Spoorthi fellowship.

She realised the concept and leadership qualities and the importance of money management and applied them to her life. Later she was selected as a “Green Motivator”. She regularly attended training and learned the importance of water in Buzz Green’s second training and started using water sparingly. Earlier, before the training, she used to spend a lot of water for any work in the home, but after the second training, she implemented the rainwater harvesting system and used the rainwater for washing clothes, washing cows, etc. Then she wondered why can’t she grow
plants using the waste materials near her house. She used plastic containers, pots,
vehicle tires, and burlap to grow flower plants, show plants, and some medicinal
plants near the house. Now she is plucking flowers for worship from the flower plants grown near her house. Vimalamma is very happy to see the lush green plants near her house. Now knowing about the pollution on day 4 of green training, she has a goal in her mind. That is, there is a lake near her house, in which all the villagers have put garbage and plastic, and it is smelling bad. She shared her opinion that she will try to clean the lake along with the community people.