Best way to buy carbon offsets in India?

Hello all!

Our goal is to go net-zero. Just checking if there is any easy way to buy carbon offsets in India?

Did some preliminary searching, and I found the UN Climate Offset Platform (United Nations online platform for voluntary cancellation of certified emission reductions (CERs). All Projects). Seems pretty cool, but amounts seem to be in USD. Also I feel everything that has UN on it might be driven by bureaucrats (?)

Has anyone used it? Any alternatives?

Carbon offsets on the UN platform are pretty cheap ($2.75/tonne)

Assuming emissions for a 100 employee company @ 10T per person, we are looking at say 1000T. So it should cost us $2750 to offset our annual emissions. This looks deceptively easy. Am I missing anything?

Hi Rushab,
Not sure about offsets (slippery slope, I believe).

Perhaps one way to start might be to first understand (track/measure) carbon/envt footprint.
Rishabh Lalani and I had spoken to CDP India and Wipro (can connect if you want to talk to them directly) to understand a bit about how these works… ofc, no quick way to understand and long road to implement, but see if frameworks by these diff orgs can help inform decisions:

  • Multiple frameworks exist for reporting carbon footprint or environment footprint or all ESG parameters: FTSE4Good (by invitation), Integrated Reporting (IIRC+SASB), TCFD, GRI(standard-setting body with a broad framework), CDP (investor-led framework), the invite-only and sector-specific Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.


We are also starting up in the carbon offsetting space and trying to help small companies go green. To be honest, we are not certified by any of the international communities for this. In India, there is no such setup and we can’t afford to get accreditations from global orgs.

Let me know if that is something you would like to explore. We are at