BahiNai Rocket Stove ( BRS = PRS-v1)

A week ago I had shared details of the Panval Rocket Stove ( PRS ) which is a finished ready to use product. The PRS is a unique biomass stove that uses small dry twigs as fuel and is absolutely smoke free ( Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) ~ cookstove for clean cooking on twigsPānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) ).

Here I wish to share a design drawing ( opensource ) of the earliest avatar of the Panval Rocket Stove which was the first version of the functional prototype. When compared with the final product, this one is functionally competent.

This one requires three old oil tin cans and a few screws. Retail material cost for one stove would be INR 110/-. Anyone good at tinkering metal sheet and associated tools should find it easy to make. Ideally it can be a good entrepreneur opportunity for someone wanting to start a small product/services business.

The design is self explanatory. From page 3 to 6 one requires to take a printout on an A3 sheet and translate the diemension onto to flattened sheet and follow the instruction for cutting and bending.

Ideally one set of template sheets and a finished stove can be made and “seeded” around for people to manufacture in bulk. The life of the stove if used on a regular basis may be for a six months to a year.

PRS-v1-Info+Dwgs.PDF (2.8 MB)

A 8 part video ( detailed step by step ) is provided for easy reference.

Who can find this useful ?

  1. This can be introduced in ITI, Engineering colleges, Design Colleges and Hobby classes in schools.

  2. There are a lot of tin makers in every town/village. They can be trained to make for oneself and possibly offer as service / sale after making in bulk.

  3. NGO’s who have a workshop and technicians around to train people around the make / build things for local use

  4. The process has two parts.
    a. Cutting & bending of sheet to accuracy & quality.
    b. Assembly using a minimal screws etc.

a. can be done in a “factory” environment for “large numbers”
b. The parts built in a is shipped to a hamlet/community where a team of trained men/women to assemble in the final product and take up marketing/sales/support

  1. We would love others take up redesign the fire chamber of teracotta/mud and actually build a product around that.

why have we named this stove as BahiNaai ?

We have named this chullah so after the “ill-literate” Poet Bahina Bai Choudhari ( Bahinabai Chowdhary - Wikipedia ( )

The chullah should bring a hope of eliminating the drudgery our village mothers & sisters go through in collecting the fire wood.

With regards
Nilesh Hiremath

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