ATREE- updates thread

Hello All,

We are excited to present a selection of short films and animations to provide insight into our organization’s efforts in conservation and sustainability. We would love to hear your feedback, comments and collaboration ideas.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Please watch our [latest animation film](]([0]=AT2YDsiQMP9wSbaqmerNO1Dtq7lJkYYZO0r70eP5sIQaUCdrOsahlm4i7gdVlJ024_7euvljWItwnq2_25Wr9zlZiGk6ifnmi0dLAP20IJSDNahZ6wgKUbXvGqZ1SoGAvgVqZ8yTli0PJpmVqod3blJsA52hS3DE-T80wqdew7k8qT2er5PvyGGHIPGae_dtINoLXGWWzGGnEaOQns4rQ17rS6RT64q5SMmE). In this video, we aim to introduce traditional livelihoods, shed light on the ongoing land use changes affecting the ecosystems that they depend on, and point to potential frameworks for community-led conservation initiatives within western Maharashtra.