Announcing a green job board!

We just started a dedicated page to list all greenjobs. Please share your open positions on and check out the open positions if you’re looking out for one.

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I have been following opinions expressed by Sameer Shisodia Sir on Twitter and Medium. I am an experienced desk editor in media and also worked in e-commerce startup. Recently, I upskilled in MS excel, Power Bi, Tableau and Google Analytics.
But, I am passionate about ecological transition. I have expressed my opinions on my informal blogs eforgings and resilienceforge I am active on twitter with handle abhijit_a_ and have often tweeted about transition, ecology, appropriate technologies, permaculture, human scale habitats, resilience and simplified lifestyles.

On the job board, I will be looking for jobs. I am not an engineer, biologist, wildlife expert, agriculture/forestry expert or a reporter. But I am passionate about ecological transition and mitigating climate change.

Hi Abhijit

I would recommend subscribing to the YETI mailing list where a wide variety of positions are shared everyday for diverse skill sets. (

I will checkout. Thank you.