Accelerating Circular Rural Economy (ACRE) in Partnership With Rainmatter Foundation

We are pleased to partner with Rainmatter Foundation to embark on an initiative to discover alternative livelihoods and potential green enterprises in rural Aurangabad district - a region ravaged by the effects of climate change.

This partnership is founded on a common intent to promote green economies and possible solutions to address the imminent threats of climate change. The envisaged interventions fit within the Accelerating Circular Rural Economy (ACRE) Programme of Lipok Social Foundation and the overarching goal of Rainmatter Foundation.

Most people in Aurangabad district are dependent on agriculture and allied activities including agriculture labour for their livelihoods. The region is often battered by unseasonal rainfall and incessant droughts. Incomes from farms are therefore erratic and paltry. Other sources of livelihood are limited and offers little supplemental incomes.

The partnered project assesses the “basket of needs” of 2000+ households in 5 gram panchayats of Aurangabad district and pinpoints those that are “imported” by the communities. It is a participatory process that brings about a community realization that these “imports” lead to outflow of funds from the communities while local production to meet local needs leads to a strong local economy. We expect that this realization will spur local enterprises initiated by aspirational youth in the project villages to meet their community needs. These will provide alternative livelihoods while meeting the local needs.