About the Rainmatter Partner Updates category

Dear Grantees and Startups,

We are thrilled to support you in pursuit of the goals and vision you have set out to work on. To help in whatever ways we can, it would be helpful to hear from you every 2 months on this forum. Creating this category to facilitate easier collaboration and closer working relationship. :slight_smile:

  • This category will be used to update the progress you are making on your goals. This update section will be linked to your Organization name on our website, so please keep this section updated.
  • To start with the updates -
    – Step 1: Please create a ‘New Topic’ on the homepage

    – Step 2: Select category as ‘Updates’ and you should see a pre-populated template for you to fill out
  • Once you create a topic to update us for the first time, you can update the same topic/thread with new updates once every 2 months (Essentially, we will have one thread/topic for each of our organization so that we can track all the updates on one thread)