A sustainable fashion e-commerce platform

My name is Pooja Rajesh and I am pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship at Ashoka University.

For one of my courses, I have been working on a business proposal and my idea involves the fight against fast fashion. I wanted to try picking up this issue by creating an online marketplace for small sustainable brands that need help with outreach and marketing. However, I don’t just want to promote these brands. I want to be able to help get the message out there about climate change and how even one environmentally conscious decision of an individual can go a long way in saving our planet.

After hearing Mr. Sisodia talk about the importance of messaging, I was wondering if I could understand some of the best ways to help people receive and understand the issue, while also encouraging them to engage in sustainable consumption. Any other insights and feedback on the best ways to tackle this issue would really be helpful to me.


Hi Pooja, you may find relevant contacts and information in this article: From opulence to sustainability, Indian fashion gets redesigned
Happy to put you in touch with the journalist who did this story for us.


Hey Pooja,

Look up Circular fashion business models, fashionforgood.com for good examples that have worked.



Hello Sandhya, thank you so much for this article! I would love to get in touch with journalists - it would be interesting to hear more about the conversations they have had with the designers and weavers.

Thank you, Pranav! There are tonnes of examples on this platform! I will definitely check them out

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She’s on Twitter @Shwettathakkur.