A scientific experiment/miracle booming in Sundarbans - Ecological Restoration post Amphan

Post Amphan and Yaas, Sundarbans, especially the main food source for locals paddy fields and ponds for fishes, had become salt mining pits due to high salinity levels(sometimes crossing normal measuring thresholds due to sea surge of seawater caused by the cyclones). Farmers had taken the situation as a nightmare for growing paddy for at least the next 2-3 yrs.

We from Uttarayan Wildlife with our logistic partners Nature Mates decided to step in with a specially developed scientific organic formulae to de-salinise the paddy fields as a mere experiment(never done before) in Sonaga, Gosaba, Sundarbans. The de-salinity mixture was mixed and tilled in the saline lands and left to soak for a good 1 month in a 10 bigha of land.


The local farmer after consulting with our eminent soil scientist Dr. Sen from Uttarayan, decided to sow paddy and to our disbelief not only did paddy grow but as we monitor it has been replanted and is growing successfully across the treated land.

A great restoration success! Please see the 3 different stage pictures.

This has given an immense confidence to local farmers who are asking for support to do the same across their lands. Such empowerment makes the project worthwhile.

This has been part of our year long Sundarbans post Amphan ecological and livelihood restoration project in Sundarbans and I would like to thank our funding partner Hoffman Foundation, Pallishree for the SME, logistic partners NatureMates for the support and belief.

People empowered saves the local biodiversity and decreases the pressure on the wild!

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