8 Years On, Are India’s Smart Cities Ready?

An extremely important read, looking forward to the part-two of the series, please find the Standing Committee report attached. I am yet to read it.
Standing Committee Report.pdf (2.7 MB)

Kakinada tops the list followed by Davanagere; Amaravati shows zero progress

A closer look at the data presented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs reveals that the ground realities vary significantly across cities.

The report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs, tabled in the Parliament in March 2023, said the total number of completed projects–68% of planned projects, as we said above–is ‘misleading’, as this includes excess projects completed by 33 cities. Sixty six of the 100 ‘Smart Cities’ are yet to meet their physical targets eight years after the flagship scheme of the Narendra Modi government was first launched, while one city completed exactly the number of projects planned.

In a response to an RTI filed by IndiaSpend, the ministry issued a clarification that, as of May 17, 2023, there were 7,847 projects for which orders were issued of which 5,732 have been completed–a revised progress rate of 73%.

Of the 34 cities which completed their targets, 17 saw a completion rate of more than 200%–that is, they had completed at least double the number of projects originally planned. Seventeen others saw a completion rate between 100% and 200%. Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh recorded the highest rate–it completed 72 projects against the 10 that were originally planned. Aligarh recorded a 100% rate, completing all its 32 planned projects.

Should this be a public thread ?

Couple of things - it can go into the “what we’re reading” without too much comment/separate thread. Also, we should avoid a very public stance that’s super critical (of course, should include critique with engagement and alternatives/ideas so not a black/white) of the govt in a public, persistent way, even as many of us disagree with many things.

On this one specifically, the govt itself has kinda ack’ed that the smart cities push didn’t really have an impact and that a new avatar might happen as this is allowed to wither away.