2nd Climate Library launch in Chhattisgarh!

Youth For Climate India is opening its second climate justice-themed library in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh! Our first library in Delhi, opened in 2022 was a huge hit, with over 500 readers in a year, and 650+ books on the intersections of biodiversity, urban planning, women’s rights, environmental law, agriculture, extreme weather events etc.

You can read more about the library here, here, and watch here.

In Ambikapur, the climate library will be run and managed by Savita Rath, who’s a social activist and runs a community organisation named “Bhumi Bandhu Samajik Addhyan Parshikshan Anv Sodh Sansthan”

The community organisation works on spreading awareness on climate-related issues, women’s leadership, strengthening gram sabhas, indigenous seeds and biodiversity preservation.

We are currently fundraising to support the launch of the climate library, you can support us either by directly donating here or donating relevant hindi books to us.


Hi Srijani, thanks for sharing. I shall visit the library whenever I am visiting Delhi next. For now, please suggest me a few books on policies, Climate-related issues etc that I can purchase and read online.Thanks

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Wonderful effort, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much!

One of my favourite books which encapsulates the climate policy landscape in India really well is by Navroz Dubash- India in a warming world: integrating climate change and development. Its open access and has chapters by leading policy professionals in the country. It can be accessed here.

Its also available in our library to read!

Further recommendations-

  1. The New Middle Class in India and Brazil: Green Perspectives - Excellent book, again a compilation of chapters by various authors such as Surinder Jodka, Ashish Kothari and others. All talking about the role of the middle class, consumeristic practices, possible policy interventions etc.

  2. Conflicts of Interest: My Journey Through India’s Green Movement by Sunita Narain. Helps one understand the political economy of working in this space, the motivations of different actors etc.

  3. Jal, Thal, Mal (Hindi) by Sopan Joshi - Although I haven’t read the original book in Hindi, the author conducted a session in my college and shared excerpts from his book. Honestly fascinating and questions the very basics of our idea of hygiene, development and urbanisation.

Further, I think I am not the right person to recommend Adivasi literature, but Alice Barwa has listed some wonderful books on her story highlights which you should check out.

Hope this helps! Let me know whenever you plan on visiting the library :slight_smile:


Super helpful, I will share the essay that I will write after reading these books! :slight_smile: