#21The Pulse - SWMRT's monthly newsletter


Leading the Zero-Waste Collective in December 2023, SWMRT had intervened in public spaces and events to streamline waste management. This led to the launch of ‘Creating Sustainable Temples’—a community-led approach towards establishing zero-waste temples.


The accumulation of religious objects discarded by the public has persistently posed a challenge, as auto tippers and DWCCs often refrain from processing them due to religious reverence. In response, ‘Udhvasana’ campaign was launched to demystify these objects and facilitate their resource recovery. Led by Sowmya Raghavan, supported by Rotary R T Nagar and the Citizen Participation Programme.


In our experience, one of the best ways to encourage community involvement is through decentralisation and vice versa. For example, the 2b1b segregation campaign not only showed how citizen-led initiatives could influence policy, it also became a law!

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