$21m Series A for Living Carbon’s ‘super trees by Temasek

“‘Photosynthesis enhancement,’ used for years with crop plants, increases biomass rather than yield so is better suited to carbon markets, where success is measured by how much carbon is locked away,” Living Carbon CEO Maddie Hall told Reuters.

“Living Carbon engineers supertrees that grow up to 50% faster and eat up to 27% more CO2 than your run of the mill logs,” Lowercarbon Capital founder Chris Sacca said in a statement. “That means more timber, forests, and other carbon-storing products sooner and cheaper.”

I have always pondered upon isn’t there a faster way to grow trees. :slight_smile: I know only planting trees doesn’t solve much, but yeah…

It will be interesting to hear what others think about interventions like these, primarily if we could source large parcels of land from the Govt and plant trees that can grow much faster and sequester more carbon.

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Tuning up photosynthesis to feed the world | Bill Gates.

Gates has been thinking and funding work on similar thought processes. A friend was researching on some such initiatives. Can talk to him in case you’d like to understand more.

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Ah yeah, that will be nice.