Tech4Good Community-Updates Jan 2023

Hello everyone,

Here is what this month’s update is looking like from us at T4GC:

Overall Updates

Our core team now stands at 6- we have welcomed another team member who is handling our nonprofit partnerships piece.

We are running two sets of capacity building workshops- an open cohort & another focussed on organisations working on property inclusivity.

Progress on the goals listed while on-boarding

Deep dive sessions for all cohort NPOs on tools across 6 identified areas i.e. fundraising, project management, data collection, stakeholder management, communication and analytics.

Status: We have concluded 2 sessions out of 6, details of which can be found below.

  1. DataOGram: Affordable & accessible data solutions for organisations to drive process efficiency and impact.

DataOGram is a cutting-edge survey and data visualisation platform designed specifically for the social sector. It’s an offline-compatible, mobile-friendly SaaS solution that simplifies data collection, management, and visualisation, making it scalable and cost-effective for NGOs. It helps organisations track their progress and monitor their adherence to their goals.

Trainer: Santosh Abraham, Co-founder, DataOGram

Session Elements:

  • Create unlimited forms using our simple front end.
  • Set up complex forms using XLSform
  • Use automatic dashboarding to help you visualise their data
  • Edit collected data to fix possible errors
  • Assign validation status to data
  • User role-based access control
  • Host multiple projects with different teams

Tool Highlights:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • 10,000 submissions per month
  • 10GB Storage
  • Technical Support
  • Paid XLS form creation support

Special T4GC Discount:

INR 5000/month + GST


32 organisations were a part of this training- less than 20% were aware of this tool and none of them had used it previously.

  1. ERP4Impact: One-stop solution for any Indian NPO to record, track and manage their finances - donations, grants, expenses, budgets, utilisation certificates etc.

ERP4Impact has strived to be the CFO Services firm that philanthropists and charities come to when they are looking for transparency, governance and streamlining processes. They develop practical, customized insights that our NGO partners can benefit from. Monitoring finance is one of the primary aspects to be taken care of in any concern.

What makes them unique is the presence of our ‘homegrown’ leadership team who have been involved in fieldwork for NGOs. They were incorporated with a vision to channelize our team’s finance and accounting expertise into something meaningful and valuable for the sector.

Trainers: Ravi Bagaria & Ritu Jain

Founders ERP4Impact

Topics Covered:

  • Donor Management
  • Donations Management
  • Grant & Pledge Management
  • Budgets Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Automate Entries in Tally
  • Interactive Dashboards

Tool Highlights:

  • Classify donors, comply with FCRA and Income Tax.
  • Be on point with expenditure against the budget. Ensure approvals before payment. No more reimbursement through Excel sheets.
  • Track receivables from monthly donations in a breeze.
  • Hassle free entries directly into Tally in 2 clicks.
  • No going back to MOUs. Tranche schedule reminders. LIVE UC tracking. Ensure timely utilisation and reporting to donors.

Special T4GC Discount:

Customised Pricing- based on the NPOs annual budget and their requirements, with an additional T4GC discount of 20%


21 organisations were part of this training, less that 30% had heard of this tool and none had used it previously.

Outcomes we are chasing for the next 6 months

We will be conducting 4 more deep dive sessions on Google Analytics, Google Ads, Trello and Zeapl.

In addition to this, we will also be running one on one mentoring sessions for select NPOs, and a few would be a part of a Hackathon event for more specific problem statements.


View the DataOGram training video.
View the ERP4Impact training video.