Directory of services focusing on environment and sustainability in India

Hi Sahar, we will add this to the directory. We are reviewing a few other requests and should be all added together by next week.

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@ganeshram Could you let me know some of the services that have not been added to the Directory and I will add them by next week. Could you collate this in the format I had shared earlier?

Panval Rocket Stove A unique bio mass chullah that uses on small dry twigs fallen from trees as fuel. When compared with 3 stone chullah it needs only 25% wood. No tree hacking!

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Hello Everyone, I am Rahil from Canvaloop.
We are in the business of converting agricultural waste into textile-grade fibres from our closed loop, low-impact facility in Surat.
Excited to be a part of this group on the recommendation of the Rainmatter team.



Dhwani Rural Information Systems is a Delhi NCR, India headquartered 8+ year-old social/development sector-focused advisory and consulting firm. With a robust team of 150+ ICT4D professionals, Dhwani RIS develops IT applications for NGOs, Government Functionaries, CSRs, International Funding Organizations, etc. to manage their projects and programs in India and abroad. We are a team of young dynamic, development-conscious tech enablers and problem solvers consisting of a diverse mix of development professionals, technology enthusiasts, software engineers, and analysts. Our solutions enable organizations to monitor and evaluate their programs for maximum impact and operate seamlessly across everyday operations.

Our focus sectors include agriculture, health, climate change, governance, inclusion, livelihoods and skill development. Read more about Dhwani here.

For more information please reach out to me at [email protected] or contact us through Contact Us - Dhwani RIS.

@ganeshram Can you collate and share the pending listing for directory?

Please add Wheedle -
Its a circularity platform normalising preloved for children and encouraging parents to think #secondhandfirst

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Hello team,

Sustainable Eateries is a platform for rating how eco-friendly are eateries around the globe, through crowdsourced data entry.

Add the next eatery you visit on the database :slight_smile:
And if you would like to contribute to building the platform further, or have any feedback on the same, do reach out to me.



thanks NV15 (what’s your name?) - what a lovely initiative! would like to know more, and also help popularise this - can we connect?
@tanmayi @Archana_Saahas @Babitaswmrt

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Thank you! Most happy to connect. Reaching out over a personal message for that.

Hi All,

Glad to be here.
Representing Novel Industries, manufacturer of Novel Coconut Oil, is working on a process innovation for the manufacturing of coconut oil. We have been outsourcing our manufacturing of coconut oil to nearby mills that can produce in bulk but using copra- the traditional way.
This new process of manufacturing is by grating the coconut, then drying it and then milling, that’s it. Currently at development stage, after proper implementation, I would like to make this process the new normal of manufacturing coconut oil.
Apart from the fact that we can have a product of higher quality and no preservative requirement, this new method will revamp the entire coconut industry of Kerala.
After venturing into this business after completion of my BBA, I realized that the copra’s used for manufacturing of coconut oil was sourced from Tamil Nadu rather than Kerala, a state named after coconuts. The problem with copra’s from Tamil Nadu, apart from the business perspective and cheaper copra’s is the addition of sulphur for preserving this copra for more time and after milling them, the chances of having the same preservative in the coconut oil is high.
The reason for the entire coconut farming shifting to Tamil Nadu is because of the climatic condition of Kerala.
This qualifies as a sustainable business model and impact the society, happy to connect.

Novel Industries: Novel Industries | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Last Forest Enterprises based in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.

How does one add to this list?

Hi Tanya. See the very first post by @Pai

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Good Morning All,

I have been trying to post this content from a long time and finally remembered about it today and also my keen interest in the domain of coconuts, its role in sustainability is something which we all forget all the time.

Kindly add this company to your directory,

They produce leather from coconut water.
Interesting…I hope so.

Thank you for creating such an extensive list. I want to suggest UTMT (under the mango tree) to be added to products. UTMT society ( trains farmers in indigenous beekeeping across India. They procure honey from these farmers and sell it on their platform online.

Thank you @Pai for curating this incredible list.

Could you kindly consider adding R-Buy Smart Refill ( to the directory with the following details?

Description: R-Buy Smart Refill is a cutting-edge platform redefining product delivery for home care and laundry manufacturers. Our Refill-as-a-Service solution empowers manufacturers to deliver directly to customers without the need for single-use retail packages. We strategically deploy automated refilling kiosks in eligible residential areas. These kiosks seamlessly integrate with our mobile app, enabling customers to conveniently refill their laundry and home care products into their reusable containers, in any desired quantity, at any time.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to being part of this growing directory.

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Hello @Pai
This directory will be of great help to collaborate and spread climate awareness and eco-positive alternatives to a wider audience. Thanks for creating it.

Would be great if Smaller Footprint Co( (SF) can be included herein. SF is into helping brands and consumers lower their environmental footprint. We encourage “Sustainable choices in lifestyle” through Education (workshops/webinars/courses) and consumption ( Products that are upcycled, eco-friendly, and made in India). We operate our “Content & Learning” pillar under “Good Steps”.

Thank you and look forward to spreading climate action and awareness.

Preety Mundhra

sir we < training > women village artisans in hand embroideries, their entire family is involved in agricultural activities ( predominantly potato ). all the hand embroideries are done on sustainable khadi .
lookbook link for clarity : vanvasi project india 2024
the end product in for


home furnishings and accessories


. >

Hello! Here’s introducing A Little More Conservation (ALMC):

ALMC curates conservation-focused NGOs in the country, to increase awareness of their work amongst the general public. Website visitors can choose to donate or volunteer with an NGO or one of their enlisted projects. We’ve only recently launched and are looking to increase our directory of conservation-focused efforts - we’d love to hear from interested organisations.