Directory of services focusing on environment and sustainability in India

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Please check out this directory of services. If you have recommendations for services/products that can be a part of this list, please do let us know on this thread and we can review and add them to the directory. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for reaching out. Added this service to our directory. :slight_smile:

If journalism is considered a service (?) you could add Mongabay-India here :slight_smile:


We provide training and courses in Nature integrated Design Thinking & Biomimicry . (

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Added you to our directory :slight_smile:

Added you to our directory :slight_smile:

I do not see water purifiers there. We are a natural water purifier making company, and we give standalone water purifier of 30 litres capacity, which can be kept anywhere. Please add our products from too in this list.

Great to see a list like this. Here are a couple of spaces/services that I couldn’t find in the directory:

Bangalore Creative Circus - A community space focusing on sustainability and climate action

The Circus Canteen - Sustainable bistro at the Bangalore Creative Circus

Buffalo Back Collective - An organisation that works with small and marginal farmers, they also work to preserve and explore the diversity of grains grown by farmers

Terre Generation - A Content and Events agency that specialises in the sustainability & regenerative space

Tenacious Bee Collective - A collective of bee keepers aiming to revive the dwindling bee population in Himachal Pradesh

The Slow Farm - A farm with a brand aiming to consume and grow responsibly

Chempotty Estate - Another farm that promotes bio-diverse and sustainable natural farming

Nuvedo - A brand working on using Mushrooms as a sustainable and nutrient-dense food source


Sir mera ek ngo hai, main mahilao ke liye sanitary pad campaign chalana chahata hoo kyoki mere area me abhi tak koi bhi madad nahi pahuch Raha hai agar aap Thora apne channel me promotion kar denge to fund mil jayega mujhe aur is garib mahilao ka dua aapke saath hoga.

Name-manoj and Santosh social aid foundation



Aasha karta hoo aap mere foundation ka haatha jarur pakadenge


Please add loopworm to this list. It’s a startup focusing on food waste management. They use the food waste to breed insects. Later they process the euthanized insects into high protein fish feed.


Please do share how they provide the service, and to whom and where.

Bioenzyme Entrepreneurs Academy has huge network of Bioenzyme makers in India and we wish to come out like a directory or yellow page of the data. How do we move ahead with that?


You could add Earthy Route to the list. We are a slow fashion clothing brand with a collection that is versatile and timeless. Also, we use fabrics like Tencel Lyocell and Linen which are sustainable. Fashion industry has created two big problems - rampant usage of unsustainable materials and overproduction (models geared towards making consumers consume more and more). We are doing our bit to solve both these problems.

Our website is -
Our instagram handle - @earthyroute_


Hi, is a financing platform for accelerated adoption of sustainable assets.

Can we add the following for tooth brushes

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Can we add Sunbird straws for pens and straws.

For recycled paper and stationery

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Hi Pai,

Thanks for this very extensive and comprehensive list.

Under products and self care : Can I please request you to add Bare Necessities: Bare Necessities designs and creates high quality, earth-friendly everyday necessities products that are packed in recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging. We create PETA certified handcrafted products using natural ingredients, ethically sourced and non-polluting ingredients. We have some super innovative waterless formats that seek to revolutionize the FMCG industry as we know it, reducing our carbon footprint by 80-90% (Stir It Up [Handwash powder] [Refill packs + Starter Kit]– Bare Necessities)!

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Additional on sustainable education and workshops: requesting you to please add Bare Learning : A UNESCO recognized educational initiatives : Education is one of the key components in becoming aware of all that happens around us. Bare Learning is an initiative of Bare Necessities that strives to create and share educational content, which is accessible to wide audiences, who are looking for ways to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. We have online and self paced courses on 1. zero waste living 2. building blocks of sustainability 3. circular economy. We have also conducted 300+ in person workshops on various topics.
(– Bare Necessities