Directory of services focusing on environment and sustainability in India

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Please check out this directory of services. If you have recommendations for services/products that can be a part of this list, please do let us know on this thread and we can review and add them to the directory. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for reaching out. Added this service to our directory. :slight_smile:

If journalism is considered a service (?) you could add Mongabay-India here :slight_smile:

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We provide training and courses in Nature integrated Design Thinking & Biomimicry . (

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Added you to our directory :slight_smile:

Added you to our directory :slight_smile:

I do not see water purifiers there. We are a natural water purifier making company, and we give standalone water purifier of 30 litres capacity, which can be kept anywhere. Please add our products from too in this list.

Great to see a list like this. Here are a couple of spaces/services that I couldn’t find in the directory:

Bangalore Creative Circus - A community space focusing on sustainability and climate action

The Circus Canteen - Sustainable bistro at the Bangalore Creative Circus

Buffalo Back Collective - An organisation that works with small and marginal farmers, they also work to preserve and explore the diversity of grains grown by farmers

Terre Generation - A Content and Events agency that specialises in the sustainability & regenerative space

Tenacious Bee Collective - A collective of bee keepers aiming to revive the dwindling bee population in Himachal Pradesh

The Slow Farm - A farm with a brand aiming to consume and grow responsibly

Chempotty Estate - Another farm that promotes bio-diverse and sustainable natural farming

Nuvedo - A brand working on using Mushrooms as a sustainable and nutrient-dense food source